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Commercial Real Estate Specialist™

Earn the CRES® Professional Designation


This course is for those who want become a commercial real estate agent.

This fast-paced, comprehensive 40-hour course will prepare you to become a professional and productive commercial real estate sales professional.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded the CRES® professional designation as a symbol of your professional ability and dedication.


The HP-12C Financial Calculator
for Real Estate

Understanding Highest & Best Use

What's the Value of the Land

Golf Course Valuation for Tax Appeals

Litigation Valuation & Expert Testimony

NJ Property Tax Appeals

Report Writing for Litigation

Condemnation Valuation

Let's Get Real About the Cost Approach

Subdivision Analysis

What Sets Us Apart

Like you, we're practicing real estate professionals.

We create all of our own courses and seminars based on our first-hand knowledge and experience and with total dedication to helping you to advance your real estate career.

We select topics that are interesting, that will help you to become a more informed expert, and help expand your business opportunities.

A unique feature of our courses and seminars is that they're all presented in live and in-person. We don't give online presentations because we know that students learn best by interacting with the instructor and other students in a live and responsive setting.

There are no boring, droning lectures at an IRET seminar. Our live presentations are structured to include every student in an interactive dialogue with the instructor. We also encourage students to interact in discussions with each other.

Although it's far more expensive for us to provide live presentations, our concern is to provide the superior benefit that a live presentation provides to our students.

Best of all is that every one of our courses and seminars is presented by the person who created them; that being our Director, Kenneth J. Jones.

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