September 8, 2015

What Kind of Investment Property Should I Buy?

by Ken Jones

What kind of investment property should I buy is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear from new real estate investors. It seems they're more confused and perplexed about this issue that any other problem they face.

Perhaps it's because there are ​so many different types of real estate to consider. Or, maybe they're looking not to make a fatal mistake on their first try.

But, whatever the reason, ​I'll discuss what I believe are the most important issues for a new real estate investor to consider in this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show.

​This is a relatively short episode (only about 24 minutes). But, it's jam packed full of very useful information.

So, ​ sit back - put on your headphones or hook-up your iPhone to your car audio system and get ready to get some really good advice that will answer that age-old question, What kind of investment property should I buy?

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