July 13, 2015

Wealth is the Basis of Freedom

Wealth is the basis of freedom, which, in my mind, is a fact against which there is no valid argument.

I'm sure you've heard the adaptation of the Golden Rule, being "Those that have the gold make the rules." Well, if you look around today, as well as looking back through history, you'll find little, if any, evidence to dispute that saying.

​Let's face the truth; the greater a person's wealth, the greater level of freedom they enjoy. And, no, I'm not so naive to believe that great wealth provides TOTAL freedom. Because, I'm also not a fool, so I don't believe there's any such thing as "total" freedom.


​Certainly, even the most wealthy among us still has to abide by the laws of man and nature, including paying taxes and (sadly) suffering disease and, ultimately, death.

The wealthy are ​also subject to the pressures of family, business, relationships, and various other factors over which even they have little, if any, more control than we peons.

Yet, there's no denying, that the greater one's financial wealth, the more freedom they may enjoy. For example, even at a reasonably low level of wealth, one has freedom from the monthly, or even the weekly or daily worry of paying one's way through life, or providing for the most basic needs of their loved ones.

But, even more important, even a modest level of wealth provides freedom from having their children herded into the all to common poor quality of the public education system that, in many places, seems more interested in teaching political correctness and radical social propaganda rather than providing a solid education in math, science, economics and factual history to prepare students for a self-sufficient, productive life.

Unfortunately, too much of today's public education policy results in the perpetuation of a permanent and growing population of an economically dependent under class.

​Having a certain level of wealth also frees one from being trapped in the terrible physical and moral decay, as well as the daily life-threatening crime that has become the reality of life in virtually all cities in the United States.

We need only look at recent events in places like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles, and a countless list of others US cities to realize that poverty, poor education (exacerbated by poor government policies) relegate millions of potentially productive people to being enslaved in a dead-end dependent, crime infested existence.

The deplorable embarrassment and ​humiliation of being dependent on others for one's basic existence not only denies the economically enslaved their freedom, it also limits the freedom of those seeking to improve their financial position as government extorts large portions of their financial gains through exorbitant taxes and fees to support the ever growing population of the economically enslaved.

Consequently, government is restricting the freedom of those seeking to improve their financial position by limiting their ability to reach those goals, as well as discouraging others from even trying.

​We can look throughout history, from the Egyptians, to the Romans, to the Greeks, to the Vikings, to France and England, and even the tribes of Africa and we can find the use of economic superiority as the primary means of suppressing and controlling the population.

So, ​why is a guy who's in real estate writing about wealth being the basis of freedom?

​I'm simply hoping to bring your attention to the issue so that you can recognize the fact, that unless you start to take action to build wealth, both you and future generations of your offspring will likely enjoy little, if any, of the freedoms you might otherwise be able to enjoy if you attain even a relatively modest level of wealth.

And, not only ​am I writing for your personal financial benefit, I'm also hoping that you take what I've said here into consideration when you select your government representatives, from the most local level to the national level.

I don't intend this to sound like a lecture.

However, I also believe, that along with wealth, comes the opportunity and responsibility to help others. Not through some governmental bureaucratic maze. But, on a direct personal and individual basis.

So, with your vote and with the wealth I hope to help you build, you would be a good citizen to try to ​help, where you're able, those who are suffering economic slavery. Whether it's a family member, a friend, a fellow worker, or even a perfect stranger.

Bring them the knowledge of how to improve themselves, thus their financial condition, on as personal a level as you're able; on a one-on-one basis, if possible, which may ultimately be the most successful way of all.

Counsel those who show ambition on how to improve their financial condition, thus, their life and the lives of their loved ones.

Don't allow ​yourself to become discouraged by those who refuse to be helped. Recognize the fact that you cannot help everyone. However, you should do what you're able to help empower those who are willing to put in the effort to advance themselves.

By helping someone build a financially productive life, ​you'll not only be helping them to attain their freedom, you'll also be helping yourself, your community, and future generations. I can't think of many things that are more important or more personally rewarding.

​Although I deeply believe in helping others less fortunate to improve their life, I just as deeply do not believe in giving something without expecting something in return. That's because, I know from my life's experience, that unless someone earns what they have, they will have no respect for either themselves, what they've been given, or the one who gave it to them.

Consequently, I do my best to live by this saying - "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you'll feed him for the rest of his life."

​In closing, I want to restate, that I ​strongly believe, that wealth is the basis of freedom.

​I just as strongly believe, that the best and most secure way to create personal wealth is through investing in real estate. I hope you'll give me the opportunity to show you how.

​I welcome your thoughts and comments.​


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