September 21, 2022

The Most Successful Real Estate Agent is an Entrepreneur

Small Business Owner vs. Entrepreneur

There is no doubt that every individual real estate agent operates their own business, whether they're a solo broker/owner or a licensed salesperson who's one of several hundred other agents in the same company. Consequently, it's reasonable and accurate to say that every real estate agent is a small business owner.

Yet, other individual agents stand apart from the crowd, the perennial top producers, the crème de la crème, as it were. These agents are entrepreneurs.

So, what makes one real estate agent a small business owner and another an entrepreneur?


The difference between the agent who's merely a business owner and the agent who's an entrepreneur is that the entrepreneurial agent has a totally different mindset from the business owner. Additionally, the entrepreneur agent continually analyzes their market to spot indications of changing trends. And when they see those indications, they alter their marketing strategy to adapt to those anticipated changes. The entrepreneurial agent will then either tweak their existing services or invent new and more creative service offers before most other agents realize a change has occurred.

Entrepreneurial Success is a Mindset

There's no magic potion, no secret formula, and no super-human powers needed to become a highly successful real estate agent. It's simply the product of having the desire and the commitment to doing what needs to be done to accomplish that goal.

In short, becoming a consistent top-producing real estate agent requires breaking out of the confinement of being an ordinary business owner who follows the crowd and does the minimum necessary to get by and adopt the creative mindset of the entrepreneur.


The mindset of an entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial real estate agent is self-driven by the burning desire to be out in front of the crowd, to be the best.

They start by offering the most desired services, followed by creating innovative high-return, low-cost marketing techniques, all working together to generate the highest number of leads to achieve the greatest number of transactions.

These lofty achievements are accomplished by combining continual analysis of their primary and secondary markets to spot indications of changing preferences and levels of activity with creative messaging techniques.

The real estate agent entrepreneur is a creative thinker inventing unique and entertaining ways to bring new and relevant information to their prospects.

Finally, the entrepreneurial agent makes themself ever-present in front of their target prospect audience, using multiple forms of media to promote their message consistently.

Let's Summarize the Differences

The Business Owner Agent

The Agent Entrepreneur

  • Offers the same service propositions as most other business owner agents.
  • Has no defined marketing strategy; just does what everybody else does.
  • Has only 1 or 2 types of marketing methods used sporadically.
  • Tends to resort to buying leads.
  • Inconsistent transaction productivity.
  • Is generally unprepared for market changes.
  • Offers unique service propositions.
  • Has a well thought-out and clearly defined marketing strategy.
  • Has at least 4 types of simultaneous marketing methods used continually.
  • Has consistent high-quality self-generated leads.
  • Has consistently high transaction productivity.
  • Is generally prepared for market changes.

In the end, it's reasonable to conclude that to become a consistent top-producing real estate agent, you have to adopt the mindset and undertake the activities of the entrepreneur agent. Those who do not will become just another faceless mediocre cliché.

Want to Become a Top-Producing

Real Estate Agent Entrepreneur?

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