I Don't Do Lectures...

Lectures are boring which makes most students "tune out." As a result, they don't absorb or retain most of the information which means they're wasting their time and money.

I teach the way I like to learn, and that's to involve each student in a discussion of the lesson topic; it's more like an exchange of information and ideas rather than dictating a drone-on, boring monologue.

I also ask the student to take on the role of one or more of the various positions in a situation. This allows them to see the situation from the perspective of someone else in that situation.

This type of participation gives the student a better appreciation of how they, as a real estate agent, can better help their clients, not to mention that it's anything but boring.

I've trained thousands of real estate professionals. I've seen that when a student is actively involved in the subject, it eliminates boredom, stimulates curiosity, and makes the learning experience more enjoyable and more beneficial.

My students retain a much higher percentage of the information needed to be a better real estate agent (and they have a good time learning it).

Career Highlights

  • Licensed real estate salesman in New Jersey (1971).
  • Licensed real estate broker in New Jersey (1977), New York (1982), and Arizona (2001).
  • Listed, sold, leased and appraised thousands of residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as having designed, constructed, and renovated many others. (1971 to Present)
  • Million Dollar Salesman Awards - National Association of REALTORS®, New Jersey Association of REALTORS®, Middlesex County Association of REALTORS®
  • Provided appraisal, investment analyses, and various consulting services to clients throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. (1979 - Present)
  • Qualified Expert Witness - Provided Expert Testimony before various Federal and State Courts and Local Boards (1979 - Present)
  • Certified Tax Assessor (CTA) certification from the New Jersey Division of Taxation. (1986)
  • Founded Liberty Assessment Consultants and reduced the property taxes of thousands of properties throughout New Jersey and the eastern US. (1988-1993)
  • Appointed Acting Senior Review Appraiser (GS-14) for the Resolution Trust Corp. (RTC) during the Savings and Loan crisis. (1991)
  • Founded Buyer's Trust Brokerage - The first exclusive buyer's brokerage firm in New Jersey. (1993)
  • Appointed Condemnation Commissioner and Expert to the Court by the Superior Court of New Jersey. (1992 - 2008)
  • Auctioneer of Multi-Million Dollar Homes for the Federal Trade Commission. (2010)
  • Earned 2 Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designations from the American Society of Appraisers - 1 in Real Property (1990), the other in Machinery & Technical Specialties: Mines & Quarries (1991).
  • State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser license in New Jersey and several other states. (1992-Present)
  • Founded the Institute of Real Estate Technologies, having written and instructed accredited real estate courses and seminars throughout the US. (1992-Present)
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Underwriting and Portfolio Analysis for major Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) firms, including Chase Commercial Mortgage, CitiCorp Securities, Deutsche Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. (1997 - 1999)
  • Earned an IFAS Senior Real Estate Appraiser designation from the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers. (2010)
  • Written and published several real estate articles and books. (1991 - Present)

My Personal Story

I was born into a working-class family in Staten Island, the 5th borough of New York City. My love of music, fascination with buildings, and talent for numbers are in my DNA.

In my teens, I was a studio and performing singer and musician and had a very successful career throughout the 1960s. However, being irresponsible with my finances in my youth and being newly married, I needed to earn more.

I discussed my situation with a friend, and he suggested that I sell real estate. So, in July 1971, I passed the New Jersey Real Estate Salesman's License exam and became a real estate agent for a local real estate agency.

I was "a natural," making 8 sales in as many weeks. Then, without warning, the agency closed when the owner drained the company bank accounts and left town. Along with all the other agents, I never got paid a penny of my commissions.

Because there was professional real estate sales training didn't exist in those days, I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about different types of real estate and the real estate business itself. I also developed a real estate investment strategy to become more financially secure.

I worked for other agencies over the next few years and opened my own real estate agency (Kenneth J. Jones Associates) in January 1978.

Developing a variety of marketing methods, the company grew exponentially, and I won several awards for Best Classified Advertising in New Jersey from the New Jersey Press Association.

I hired several new, inexperienced real estate agents for my growing brokerage business. And, since professional real estate agent training programs didn't exist, I developed my own Fast-Track agent training program. This course has transformed into my Ultimate Basic Training course for new real estate agents.

When mortgage interest rates shot up to 19% in 1981, I concentrated more on my real estate appraisal services.

Ken Jones

Training Seminar - 1993

I became a New Jersey Certified Instructor for real estate sales and broker licensing in 1982, earned Certified Tax Assessors certification from the New Jersey Division of Taxation, and two Accredited Senior Appraiser designations from the American Society of Appraisers in Real Property in 1990 and Machinery and Technical Specialties, Mines & Quarries in 1991.

In January 1992, anticipating the demand for real estate appraiser education, I founded the Institute of Real Estate Technologies (now Ken Jones Real Estate Training). I developed my own accredited courses and seminars and presented them to thousands of real estate professionals throughout the eastern United States.

Since then, I've developed and instructed a variety of real estate sales, appraisal, and real estate business training courses and seminars. And with the explosion of online training, I'm now transitioning and providing many of my courses online.

Contact me if you'd like more information about my real estate experience.

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