August 20, 2015

An Introduction to Income Producing Real Estate

An Introduction to Income Producing Real Estate is a "must hear" show for those who are new to real estate investing, including new real estate agents.

In this episode, I identify the 7 major categories of real estate and give examples of each. I then concentrate on explaining both the general physical and economic characteristics of the 3 main categories that the typical real estate investor is most commonly involved with.

​I also take you through the various aspects of the leasing practices typically associated with residential property, retail and office properties, and various industrial uses, including flex buildings, as well as general and distribution warehouses.

​I'll provide a transcript of this episode to anyone who requests it. To request a transcript or if you have a question, or even a comment or a suggestion, just click on the START RECORDING button below and leave me a voice message. You can also contact me by email by clicking here.


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